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Helping people define their end game and live in true state of abundance!

About Jaz

Working endless night shifts as doctor on the front line and dealing with emergencies prompted Jaz to question the so called ‘Work – Life balance’ that we are all told to strive for. Through continued personal development, making mistakes and exploring what success means, Jaz is on a journey to acquire true wealth, in which the most valuable commodities are time and happiness.

Most people imagine retirement to be an idyllic point of time in the future, devoid of financial constraint and abundance of health; when in reality, what promise is there of good health and financial freedom?

Jaz is a passionate mindset coach, driven to break down social dogmas and empower more people to challenge the status quo. His other pursuits are growing his medical education and facial aesthetics brand, working as a doctor in the NHS, writing his first book and spreading his message through public speaking.

If you are ready to define your success, your end game and create long-lasting true wealth, please get in touch.


There are a variety of ways you can work with Jaz, including 1-2-1 coaching or hiring him to deliver a talk. Get in touch today to find out more!

Professional Speaker

Jaz is a powerful speaker and can deliver world class engagements to both small and large crowds. Recent talks include, Defining Your Success And Endgame, Challenging Social Dogmas to Live a More Fulfilled Life, and Compounding to Create Long Lasting Results.

Mindset Coaching

If you feel stuck in the ‘rat race’ and want more from life but aren’t sure how to get it, Jaz is here to help you. Mindset coaching will help you feel empowered, gain clarity on your version of success, and take steps towards leading a more fulfilled life.


A captivating teacher, Jaz delivers a range of workshops designed to inspire delegates and support them in achieving massive change. If you’re looking to overhaul your life and move in a new, exciting direction, these workshops are where you should start.


Real wealth is much more than just money, it’s about the freedom to live life on your own terms. Below are some key resources and insights that should help answer any potential questions.

  • What is true wealth?

    In a world where we people seek happiness in consumerism, is it any wonder mental health is on the rise? Buying objects will at best give you transient joy but this thirst can never be quenched. You will simply earn and spend more money. Rather than focusing on external markers of wealth such as money or objects focus on happinessfulfilment, health and time. On acquiring these you will have found true wealth. This wealth is sustainable and abundant.

  • What is mindset coaching?

    Why do some people achieve success while others seem to be stuck in a rut? The mind is the most powerful tool we have to influence our today and our tomorrow. Mindset coaching is encompasses addressing limiting beliefs many people have about themselves and their situation.

    By unlocking your mindset, you become limitless in your approach to all aspects of your life. You are able to create opportunities and prosper on levels you thought were unachievable.

    Do you feel stuck at this point in your life? Want to take it to the next level but unsure how? Unclear on what it is you want? Scared to pursue your passion? Unsure of where to begin? Then mindset coaching is the bridge you need to harness the sleeping giant that is your mind!

  • Why Jaz Mavi?

    Through my own trial and tribulations, from failing at a young age to massive academic success in school which culminated in becoming a doctor. To questioning my own purpose, defining my own success to founding multiple businesses there are proven methods to help empower others to achieve. This combined with my passion for teaching and infectious teaching style will leave you ready to take inspired action!

Jaz in Action

A handpicked collection of Jaz Mavi’s finest speaking, coaching and workshop experiences.

“Jaz is one of the most impressive speakers we have booked and he brings insight, clarity and passion to our stage every single time.” JD, United Kingdom.

“A once in a generation speaker, with unique flare and a passion which ignites the imagination of the crowd.”  – RT, United Kingdom.

“Jaz helped me diversify my skills and generate passive income.” CR, United Kingdom.

“My eyes have been opened to the benefits of a limitless mindset” AJ, United Kingdom.

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